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Criminal Charge

Our team of experienced paralegals and lawyers can help you with any matter. Criminal charges can be devastating towards your life mentally and physically. They can ruin your current or future career that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Criminal charges need to be addressed right away, they have immediate serious consequences, do not leave things until the last minute.

Have you been charged with Impaired Driving? The 90 licence suspension you are under is mandatory and there is no way of getting your licence back before the end of the 90 days.  Courts may persuade you to make a deal on the first set date but seek legal advice first, you are not required to hire someone but please ask and get a professional opinion.

Do more than just speak to duty councel on your case, contact us.

If you went through a stage or something happened and now you have a record or want to clean it up we can help. We have the team that will assist you in getting a pardon so that you can get back on track, no more buses, no more walking, get back to making money and enjoy some freedom.

Has your son or daughter been charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act? If so you need to know that there are many provisions to help them and many outcomes sought by courts other than criminal records. There are programs that concentrate on rehabilitative ideals instead of punitive measures. Contact us and our team will help make sure this one mistake does not linger with your child for years to come.

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