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Licence Suspended or Insurance Problem?

Have you been charged with Driving Under Suspension? If so, you have to remember it is the Crown’s obligation to prove the charge against you. They must prove that you knew or ought to have known that your licence was under suspension. There are defences available that may apply to your situation. This type of charge allows you to provide or at least put forward an argument where you may or may not have known that your licence was suspended.

The penalty for Driving Suspended is a minimum of $1000 first offence, an automatic 6 month licence suspension and possible jail time up to 6 months. The jail provision is usually reserved for the worst situations.

If you knew your licence was suspended then we can help minimize the impact on you. This will depend on the steps you take, so it is best to contact us right away once charged.

If you are looking at reinstating your licence and need help we are here. We offer assistance in reopenings, appeals, motions to extend time to pay so that you can straighten out your licence. Some of these applications can have your licence reinstated usually within 4 business days.

The court system can sometimes be intimidating, and with the various locations and no licence to travel to settle issues it can be next to impossible to get back on track. The Provincial Offences courts run on a computer system called Icon, it is the same system across Ontario but what changes is the method in which information is documented. Depending on whether your matter is under Part 1 of the Provincial Offences Act or Part 3 you will be required to possibly attend different locations to serve the correct departments. Whether your case is a Part 1 or Part 3 will also change the way the information is found in the computer system making tracking your licence a nightmare.

At GPS Law we have the know how to deal with your matters expeditiously and save you time and money. Also to save you a possible Drive Under Suspension charge if you get caught driving to and from the court. Our networks of Paralegals who are regulars at those courts are able to move your matter along so that you can have your licence back quickly.

Insurance rates are affected by your history with other insurance companies as well as your driving record. As mentioned on the “Why Fight A Ticket” page there are several factors determining why your premiums are what they are. Though we are not in a position to change what an insurance company is allowed to charge you we are in a position to refer you to different insurance brokers who will attempt to find you the best rates possible.

We at GPS Law are interested in finding you insurance rates that are reasonable given the circumstances, so that we can get you driving again. We want you to be comfortable and secure in knowing that you can drive a car without the possibility of a $5000 ticket for driving without insurance.

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