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Why Fight a Ticket?

First of all the option is yours, nobody can take that away from you. To have the options explained on the back of the ticket or for a Summons click HERE

Insurance Premiums.

Insurance for most of us is costly. Insurance companies will evaluate your premiums according to factors like gender, age, distance travelled, cost of vehicle repair and also your driving record. They use your driving record to help determine your risk and this is why you need to keep it clean. The higher the risk, the higher your premiums will be.

If you feel you are guilty of an offence we can help reduce the charge so that it will have less impact when it comes time to renew your insurance.


Are you not guilty of the charge? If you feel strongly about an issue then first off you should do some research, this may be in the form of case law research or getting a free consultation. The majority of paralegal companies that fight traffic tickets will offer a free consultation. They are a great source of knowledge and experience to help you make a decision and will also explain the repercussions and benefits of going to trial.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution must prove the allegation against you unless you are willing to admit to the charge.

When Fighting Remember!

Defence or an Excuse?

The majority of offences that the public faces from traffic stops are called Absolute Liability offences, this means the prosecution must prove the elements of the charge and not a reason why. The reason why you may have missed the stop sign because a large vehicle blocked it as you approached is a reason or excuse, not a defence. This is only an admission that you committed the offence, the court will take this into consideration when assessing a fine. At the same time depending on all the factors your reason may nullify the charge all together.

Common sense?

Common sense really has no place in the court room, it’s about evidence. If you want to allege something then you must be prepared to be able to prove it. Going to court and having a trial only to say, “But I had my kids in the car, why would I speed?” is not proof you were not speeding. If the officer relies on a form of speed measuring device and you rely on reasoning then the court will accept the evidence of the officer because he is using a specific device.

The court needs proof, we can help you establish that proof and challenge the evidence of the officer.

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